August Nutrition Newsletter 

August Nutrition Newsletter 

Celebrate ‘Kids Eat Right’ Month
Tips for Smart Snacking:
1. Plan and portion out snacks in advance

2. Offer snacks within 1-2 hours of meal time 

3. Avoid distractions

4. Aim for all food groups 

5. Be a role model and eat with your kids
Smart Snack Ideas 
Ways to involve kids of all ages:
Back to School Lunch Box Ideas: 
1) Low Sodium deli turkey and cheese roll ups. Spread hummus for extra protein and flavor!

2) Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread. Get creative and cut sandwiches into fun shapes, like stars and hearts!

3) Yogurt parfaits. Use a high protein yogurt, like a Greek yogurt and layer it with different colored fruits!

4) 3 bean salad. Serve with whole grain crackers for an extra boost of fiber!

5) Oatmeal muffins. Use yogurt and oatmeal and add in blueberries to maximize nutrition!

As a general rule of thumb, plan meals with a protein, a vegetable, a fruit, and whole grain.
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