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Two Types of Dialysis
Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis both filter unwanted waste from your body. You may also have options for doing your dialysis at home or in the dialysis clinic.

Peritoneal dialysis
Peritoneal dialysis uses your own blood vessels in the lining of your abdomen together with a solution called dialysate to filter toxins. With this method, a peritoneal catheter provides access into your abdomen and blood never leaves your body. An advantage of peritoneal dialysis is that it can be done with a machine or manually at home, at work, or even while traveling.

Before you can begin treatment, a hemodialysis access site will be prepared in an outpatient surgical procedure. That site allows you to be connected to a hemodialysis machine. Hemodialysis filters your blood using a dialysis machine or through a dialyzer. Blood flows into the machine, gets filtered and is returned to your body. This type of dialysis can be performed in the clinic or at home.

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