Dedicated to the Residents of Walker County

Huntsville Memorial Hospital is an acute care hospital in Huntsville, Texas. Through advanced technology and the professional expertise of our medical staff, we provide quality care for a wide range of medical conditions in a friendly, caring environment.

Beyond our onsite treatments, services, and health programs, our leadership at Huntsville Memorial Hospital makes public education, engagement, and awareness a priority. We believe that the best way to ensure the health of our community is to engage with individuals, families, and businesses and give them the resources they need to prevent serious health concerns and to improve their quality of life.

Message from our Board Chairman

Huntsville Memorial Hospital is committed to serving the healthcare needs of our neighbors.

We’re proud of our team of healthcare professionals who work tirelessly to keep patient care as our top priority. Our commitment is to you, and we will continue to offer and expand the quality services you need.

Even in these challenging times, we are confident about the future. We’re focused on serving our community, and we’re committed to delivering quality healthcare for years to come.


We are devoted to the health and well-being of our regional communities by providing exceptional care to every patient every day with a spirit of warmth, compassion and personal pride. We achieve this through advanced and efficient medical care with strong self-governance.


Huntsville Memorial Hospital will be the Institution of choice by residents of Walker County and the surrounding area for their healthcare needs. The hospital will be a leader in efficiently and continuously improving the economics, accessibility, and quality of healthcare in Walker County.


We believe that caring for people is the foundation of everything we do. Our principles include:


Honesty and integrity 

Education to promote health

Individual contributions

Helpful leadership 

Systems thinking with a customer focus.

Anticipating and accommodating our customer’s needs.

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For over 60 years, the Huntsville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary has been an integral part of the hospital services. From running the gift shop, developing craft projects, and transporting patients, to providing ready smiles and encouragement to patients and visitors alike, this group of volunteers has shown the true meaning of service to others. Huntsville Memorial is truly privileged to have this dedicated group of men and women volunteering in our facility.


Celebrating 95 Years

HMH has provided healthcare for our community for almost a century! We’re proud to be a long-term pillar in Huntsville, Texas.

We are so fortunate to have this hospital with great nurses and doctors. My husband and I have both used HMH and had the best experience. New modern equipment and people who know how to use it.
Carolyn - Huntsville, TX