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The Speech Therapy program at Huntsville Memorial Hospital provides patients with evaluation and treatment to rehabilitate spoken and written language, cognition, voice, articulation, fluency and swallowing in children and adults who experience disabilities resulting from illness, injury or delayed development. For more information on our outpatient speech therapy programs, call our dedicated team of professionals today.

Understanding Speech Therapy

At Huntsville Memorial Hospital, a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist evaluates each patient's condition and develops an individual treatment plan to restore communication and/or swallowing functions. Augmentative communication devices may be utilized in conjunction with traditional strategies as well.

Speech therapy is for patients who:

  • Have autism
  • Have voice (or resonance) disorders
  • Have fluency disorders (like stuttering)
  • Have suffered a mouth/ jaw/ tongue injury
  • Have cognitive/ communication disorders

Speech Therapy & Children

Speech therapy is often required for children who are suffering a speech disorder or could benefit from speech therapy due to other conditions (like autism). Our friendly and compassionate staff is sensitive to needs and concerns of these young patients and their families and are committed to providing an accepting, low-stress environment where children can learn and thrive.

Your health, Our community, Our commitment. For more information on enrolling in our speech therapy programs, call our outpatient rehabilitation offices today.

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