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The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who provide care, support, and education to patients with chronic pulmonary disease and their loved ones. Our team includes pulmonary physicians, respiratory therapists, Registered Nurses, and dietitians—all with extensive experience and expertise in treating patients suffering from chronic pulmonary disease.

We offer both in and outpatient programs for pulmonary rehabilitation and partner closely with our patients to provide them the education, treatment, and resources they need to manage their condition and thrive in their everyday lives. For more information about our pulmonary rehabilitation programs, contact us at Huntsville Memorial hospital today.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Goals

Every patient approaches rehabilitation with certain, specific goals depending on their condition and the concerns of their doctor. At Huntsville Memorial Hospital, however, we approach all of our pulmonary patients with several overarching objectives for their rehabilitation.

These objectives include:

  • Help patients understand their disease and how it limits their functioning
  • Teach patients methods to cope with their condition and minimize its effects
  • Train patients to foster their physical mobility and independence
  • Demonstrate to patients how they can maintain their well-being
  • Decrease the patient's reliance on hospital facilities

"What's Does the Rehabilitation Program Entail?"

Patients participating in pulmonary rehabilitation will not just be introduced to traditional exercise sessions, they will be given the education and tools that they need to manage their condition. Typically, these rehabilitation programs last from six to ten weeks, but our team will closely monitor our patients' progress and ensure that they do not prematurely cease their program.

These programs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Instruction in disease processes, breathing exercises, medications, oxygen therapy, and exercise regimens
  • Physical conditioning sessions
  • Consultations with a nutritionist
  • Techniques for conserving energy
  • Individual consultations to review test results
  • Doctor's recommendations for any additional therapies/tests
  • Question and answer sessions to address patient concerns

Have more questions about our pulmonary rehabilitation program? We're ready to hear from you. Call us at Huntsville Memorial Hospital today.

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