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The Outpatient Physical Therapy Department at Huntsville Memorial Hospital provides treatment for acute and chronic physical conditions. Our hospital may prescribe physical therapy to patients who have suffered an injury, are recovering from surgery, or who may be suffering an illness that is affecting their mobility or independence. At Huntsville Memorial Hospital, our goal is to partner with these patients and ensure that they provided the guidance and support they need to make the fullest recovery possible from their medical issue. For more information about our physical therapy programs, call our knowledgeable team of professionals today.

Why Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy goals are unique to each patient. Our licensed and highly experienced Physical Therapists thoroughly evaluate each patient’s condition before utilizing modern equipment and advanced techniques in therapeutic exercise to achieve treatment goals set by the patient and the Physical Therapy team.

Just some of the benefits of physical therapy can include:

  • Increase mobility
  • Strengthen weakened muscles
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Avoid invasive treatments (like surgery)

Physical therapy has proven to be effective in helping patients recover from stroke, sports injuries, cardiovascular issues, post-partum conditions, and even in managing age-related health concerns. Whatever challenges our patients might be facing, Huntsville Memorial Hospital provides comprehensive outpatient physical therapy programs to address our patients' issues and ensure they are given a path back to healthier, more active lifestyle.

Your health, Our community, Our commitment. Contact Huntsville Memorial Hospital today to learn more about our outpatient physical therapy programs.

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