Occupational Therapy in Walker County

Maintaining Independence with Huntsville Memorial Hospital

The Occupational Therapy program at Huntsville Memorial Hospital provides specialized training, including exercise, fine motor tasks, and living skills to help patients return to their previous level of independence. Unlike other forms of rehabilitation, occupational therapy focuses specifically on the activities patients will need to perform on their own in their day-to-day lives to care for themselves, meet important responsibilities, and enjoy their free time. To learn more about our occupational therapy programs, contact us at Huntsville Memorial Hospital today.

Understanding Occupational Therapy

To compensate for disabilities, therapists work with patients to utilize special equipment and techniques. Our therapists will work with our patients to tailor their therapy to their specific needs and individual progress.

Occupational therapy can include:

  • Hand therapy
  • Custom orthotics
  • Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Swallowing evaluation
  • Driving evaluation
  • Toileting
  • Meal preparation
  • Walking
  • Grooming

No two patients are alike and our therapists will partner closely with our patients and their loved ones to set specific goals. In many cases, we even work with patients on returning to the hobbies and vocations they enjoyed before their medical issue—or help them find new ones. Whatever the case may be, our patients can count on dedicated, compassionate care from our occupational therapists as they strive to return to better, healthier lives.

Your health, Our community, Our commitment. To learn more about our occupational therapy programs, contact our friendly team today.

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