Peripheral Arterial Disease

Effective PAD Treatment Options in Walker County

Peripheral Arterial Disease (or PAD) is a common vascular condition that describes the narrowing of a patient's arteries in their arms and legs. PAD is common in older patients and could be a sign of additional arterial build-up (plaque) throughout the rest of the body.

At Huntsville Memorial Hospital our physicians and specialists offer our cardio-vascular patients not only offer cutting-edge treatments to alleviate this condition, but also assist patients to plan the lifestyle changes they need to prevent this condition from further threatening their health. For more information on our cardiovascular treatments, call us at Huntsville Memorial Hospital today.

Understanding PAD

PAD is a result of plaque deposits that accumulate in the arteries in our limbs (arms and legs). Because this plaque restricts the blood flow in our limbs, it can cause painful cramps in our muscles—especially our legs/calves. If advanced enough, PAD can also cause acute foot pain and even ulcers on the surface of the skin.

Causes for PAD can include:

  • Weight
  • Diet
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • High cholesterol
  • Family history

PAD Treatment Options

Treatment strategies for PAD can vary based on how advanced the condition in. The patients who are just starting to develop PAD symptoms, lifestyle changes, including more exercise and a heart-healthy diet, can reduce the effects of PAD. Medications used to regulate blood flow and cholesterol levels may also be prescribed.

In more advanced cases, more invasive techniques might be necessary. Doctors may recommend inserting a stent or even conducting a balloon angioplasty to widen and reinforce a patient's artery. In some cases, a bypass graft may be surgically installed to create a new pathway for the patient's blood flow.

Whatever the case may be, our board-certified cardio-vascular specialists will work one-on-one with our PAD patients and help them determine the treatment strategy that will have the greatest positive impact on their health. For more information—or to book an appointment—call us today.

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