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Assess Your Risk Factors at Huntsville Memorial Hospital

At Huntsville Memorial Hospital, we know that the best way to ensure the health of our patients is to give them the knowledge and insight they need to maintain their own health in their daily lives. That is why we offer preventive screenings to increase awareness of potential health risks and motivate a healthier lifestyle. For more information on our screening services and whether or not you're eligible to participate, call the Huntsville Memorial Hospital Center for Rehabilitation/Cardiac Rehabilitation at (936) 291-4594 today.

Cardiovascular Risk Profile

The Cardiovascular Risk Profile is just a simple finger prick screening to measure cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and glucose as they relate to an individual's potential risk for heart disease and stroke. Huntsville Memorial Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse conducts this screening and discusses the results with the patient. The Cardiovascular Risk Profile screening is conducted Monday through Friday. Contact us to make an appointment and to learn more about this service.

Basic Health Screen

A Basic Health Screen is a combination of results from a Cardiovascular Risk Profile and a Health Risk Appraisal questionnaire. This screen provides patients with an overview of their overall current health condition. In addition to a finger prick blood sample, other measurements are conducted – including blood pressure, weight, and comprehensive health risk appraisal. Upon scheduling an appointment, participants will receive a questionnaire for completion prior to the clinical tests. Results of the blood work, questionnaire analysis, and a complete personal report are provided to the patient within two weeks of their appointment.

Your health, Our community, Our commitment. Contact our team today to learn more about our health screening services.

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