Press Release - Plans to Explore the Future

Huntsville Memorial Hospital Operating Board

Announces Plans to Explore Future

Work Will Focus on Securing Sustainable Access to High-Quality Healthcare

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (June 1, 2018) – The Board of Directors of Walker County Hospital Corporation, which is the operator of Huntsville Memorial Hospital through a lease arrangement with the Walker County Hospital District, announced today it has begun a process to explore options for the future of the community hospital that has served Walker County and its surrounding areas for more than 90 years.

“The residents of Huntsville, Texas deserve the best healthcare future possible,” said Mac Woodward, Chair of the Operating Board. “By initiating a thorough and thoughtful process to explore what’s next, we’ll be able to protect that future by ensuring the long-term sustainability of the hospital.”

Woodward said while no decisions have been made today, all options are being considered including finding a health system partner.

Like many community hospitals in Texas and across the country, Huntsville Memorial has been facing some difficult challenges in recent years, including the need for capital to invest in the future of healthcare for the growing Huntsville community.

“In order to continue to meet the needs of the Huntsville community, we need a substantial investment in the infrastructure of the hospital,” Woodward said. “The good news is even with the challenges we’re facing, Huntsville Memorial is favorably positioned for growth, and we’re encouraged by what’s ahead.”

The hospital, which is located about 70 miles north of Houston, is facing increased demand for services as Huntsville continue to be one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Texas.

“With a good strategic partner and a strategic capital plan, we’ll have the opportunity to serve more patients,” Woodward said. “As our community population grows, the demand for services will continue to increase. We can be positioned to meet these needs in a way that provides greater access to care close to home for the people we serve.”

Woodward also said the Operating Board will be working closely with the Walker County Hospital District Board of Managers to chart the best course possible with the community’s best interest in mind. Currently, the Operating Board is working to put a team of professionals in place to guide the hospital through this process, including operational, financial, legal, and communications advisors.

Additionally, the Operating Board has launched a website,, to keep the community informed throughout the process.

“Our number one priority continues to be ensuring members of the Huntsville community have access to the highest quality, compassionate healthcare for generations to come,” Woodward said. “This is a very positive development.”

About Huntsville Memorial Hospital: Huntsville Memorial Hospital is a Joint Commission-accredited, not-for-profit acute care community hospital. Founded in 1927 to memorialize those lost in World War I, the facility has provided effective health care services, delivering quality care to the residents of Walker County and its surrounding communities.

The Walker County Hospital Corporation and its Operating Board are responsible for the operation of Huntsville Memorial Hospital and leases the land, buildings, and equipment associated with the hospital from the Walker County Hospital District.