Giving at HMH

Helping Us Provide the Best Care in Walker County

Huntsville Memorial's commitment to charitable care goes back to our 1927 hospital charter where we provide charitable health care services, delivering quality healthcare to the residents of Walker County and the surrounding communities. Not only do we provide advanced care with a friendly touch, we also focus on giving back to the great community of Walker County each and every year.

We provide reduced-or no-cost care for those with financial challenges. We educate and produce top-notch nurses. We recruit expert physicians. We provide low- or no-cost educational programs to keep you informed about your health and wellness.

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We do it all, and we do it all for you. While other hospitals may work for profit and investors, at Huntsville Memorial, we work for our patients, our neighbors, and our community.

Your health, Our community, Our commitment. Call us at (936) 291-3411 today to learn more about giving to Huntsville Memorial Hospital.