Pregnancy & Prenatal Care 


Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, and Huntsville Memorial Hospital is honored to play a part during this special time.




As part of our community education efforts, Huntsville Memorial Hospital offers a low-cost educational program that is designed to help moms- and dads-to-be prepare for their new arrival and the first year of the baby's life. The Beginnings program includes several educational events and workshops to give new parents the tools they
need to succeed.


Participants in the Beginnings program receive a “Healthy Beginnings” packet of information during their first trimester. This information includes tips on nutrition and exercise for moms-to-be.


The Beginnings program hosts a Maternity Reception for expectant parents. The Nurse Director of Women's Health Services provides information about having a baby at HMH and answers any questions regarding nursing care for mom and the new baby. Participants can complete hospital pre-registration paperwork, and meet with a representative from anesthesia to discuss epidurals. Participants are also invited to take a tour of the birthing suites. 


Led by a Nursery Nurse, the Baby Care Workshop provides information on general feeding practices. Parents also learn other hands-on aspects of infant care, including bathing, feeding, diapering, swaddling and cord care. A pediatrician is in attendance to answer any questions for the parents-to-be. Workshops will also include car seat safety, safe sleep, CPR, and first aid.



A basic breastfeeding class is taught by HMH's Lactation Consultant and is geared for expectant parents to discuss topics such as: positioning and latch-on, benefits of breastfeeding, components of breast milk, breast feeding and the working mother, breast pumps and breastfeeding myths.


A one-day Prepared Childbirth Class is offered to teach a mother-to-be and her coach what to expect during labor and delivery. Topics include breathing and relaxation techniques, positioning, the role of the coach, Cesarean Section information, unexpected complications, and preparing for the trip to the hospital. Participants are
invited to tour the birthing suites. These classes are offered during the third trimester and are led by a certified childbirth educator.


If you would like to register for a class or speak with a staff member regarding your individual questions, we encourage you to contact our Beginnings Program Coordinator.


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