Imaging at Huntsville Memorial Hospital


Huntsville Memorial Hospital delivers some of the most sophisticated and advanced imaging techniques to the residents of Walker County. The hospital hosts a team of radiology experts and modern equipment to provide you with the most accurate imaging results. For patients in need of special MRI scans of the head or spine, and for more convenient radiology service, the Huntsville Memorial Hospital's Outpatient Imaging Center provides quality imaging service in a comfortable and efficient environment.


To schedule an imaging appointment, please call (936) 435-7577.



HMH Radiology

The Radiology department at Huntsville Memorial Hospital provides a number of leading-edge imaging techniques and services on an inpatient and outpatient basis

Outpatient Imaging Center

The HMH Outpatient Imaging Center is a 5,700 square foot facility that specializes in MRI scans of the spine and head

Huntsville Memorial Hospital