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Huntsville Memorial Hospital and our Stroke Neurologist, Dr. Bruce, hosted our first

Neon For Neurons”, a community color fun run to raise awareness of Stroke during the month of May. Neon for Neurons was a night run where participants sported glow-in-the-dark gear like bracelets, necklaces, body paint, glow sticks and more - not to mention being “showered” with color along the raceway at our Color Pit Stops.



Participants chose to walk 1 mile in our “Slow Pokes for Stroke” event or took part in the ‘Color Me FAST” 5k.   F.A.S.T. stands for FACE: "smile," ARM: "raise both arms," SPEECH: "Repeat this phrase," TIME: "Call 9-1-1." Our goal was to raise awareness, support and honor survivors, and decrease the incidence of stroke in Walker County with this fun run and health fair.



The event kicked off at 6:00pm and was a huge success with our honored guests - HMH Stroke Survivors and more than 400 participants. The event had food, live music, photos and participants were provided a neon t-shirt and glow-in-the-dark “bling”. All had a chance to meet and greet with our very own Dr, Nhu Bruce, Stroke Neurologist and tour the HMH Center for Rehabilitation, HMH Medical Clinic, and HMH Multi-Specialty Clinic.  A pre-race warm up was provided by our Center for Rehab staff.


A good time was had by all!




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