2014 Community Benefit Report


We believe a hospital should do more than provide health care services; after all, our job is all about building a healthy community. For over 80 years, Huntsville Memorial Hospital has been committed to delivering employment, public health education and quality health care services to the residents of Walker County. Other hospitals may be focused on serving investors, but at Huntsville Memorial Hospital, our job is to serve you.


We are devoted to the health and well-being to our residents of Walker County and our regional communities. The mission of Huntsville Memorial Hospital is to provide exceptional care to every patient every day with a spirit of warmth, compassion and personal pride.


Huntsville Memorial Hospital has a vision to be the institution of choice by the residents of Walker County and the surrounding area for their health care needs. We strive to be a leader in efficiently and continuously improving the economics, accessibility and quality of health care in Walker County.


As a health care provider, we are committed to thoroughly assessing the needs of the communities that we serve. Every year, we serve those needs through the delivery of charity care and other benefits, such as educational events and free health screenings.


In the fiscal year 2014 alone, we provided $3.386 million worth of care to the needy at no cost or at reduced fees. We also provided $5 million in Medicare and Medicaid services that were not reimbursed by the government. We also hosted a number of events and health screenings to help educate and raise awareness about illnesses affecting our community, such as cardiovascular health and colorectal cancer, to name a few.


We are proud of our dedication to the community up to this point, but we know that there is always more to be done. We are already focused on making the future even better. Some of our plans include: expanding our capabilities, advancing our technologies and enhancing our facilities.


So take a look at our 2014 Community Benefit Report to see what we’ve accomplished so far, and stay tuned for more exciting contributions from Huntsville Memorial Hospital!

Huntsville Memorial Hospital