Our Executive Team


Huntsville Memorial operates under a close team of leaders known as the Executive Team. Led by Chief Executive Officer Shannon Brown, the team philosophy is " to provide friendly health care services, while continuing to exceed the expectations of the community.”


Shannon Brown, Chief Executive Officer 



Sheila Ard, Chief Nursing Officer 





Board of Directors


Under the leadership of our Board of Directors, and through the dedication of our professional health care staff, Huntsville Memorial Hospital is setting the standard in quality health care today.


Mac Woodward, President 

Sam Burris, Vice-President

Nancy Gaertner, Secretary

Robert Fernandez, M.D. – Chief of Staff 

Don Johnson 

Helen Watkins, PhD 

Jack Choate 

Urmil Shukla, M.D. 

Will Durham 

Brad Livingston 

Charles Henley, D.O.

Ferne Frosch 

Nhu Bruce, M.D. 

John Knight, M.D.



Huntsville Memorial Hospital